The Sirakov Village

Sirákov is the municipality in Žďár nad Sázavou District in the Vysočina Region. Sirákov is located at Czech side of historical land border of Bohemia and Moravia. It is situated at Hornosázavská Hilly Area 13 km south-west of Žďář na Sázavou and 8 km north-east of Polná. Through the village flows the stream, which springs 1 kilometre in the east direction from the municipality, then it flows into the Poděšín stream. On the south-west of Sirákov is located Sirákov pond. The highest point in the surroundings of Sirákov is Blažkov hill, which is 693.5 m a.s.l. high. Blažkov hill is situated 2.5 km south of Sirákov and there are some touristic trails. The peak of the hill is located in Moravia in the cadaster of the neighbouring municipality of Blažkov. The peak is part of the zone of so-called the Roof of Europe.

The name of the municipality allegedly originated of the fact that the village was abandoned for some time. Until 1921 the name of the village was Sirakov. The oldest written note comes from the legal dispute between Vikard of Polná and marauding knights Billung of Žumberk and Bohuněk of Popovice in 1319. In the document issued on 6 April 1365 Čeněk of Lipé gives Sirákov, Polná and another 13 villages to Ješek of Pirkenštejn. Since that time Sirákov became part of the manor of Polná for long centuries and it had the same owner.

In 1828 was constracted the building of the primary school, where teaching took place until 1977. There were 4 classes. After the dissolution of the school in Sirákov local children have to go to primary school in Nížkov.

On 2 September 1874 the municipality was hit with large wildfire, which destroyed nearly the whole village. They just saved the school building, which was located in the centre of the village square.

In 1923 another fire destroyed two thirds of the village. 1869 – 1880 Sirákov was part of Polná District, then 1880 – 1950 it was the part of Německý Brod District (later Havlíčkův Brod) and from 1950 it is part of Žďár nad Sázavou District. 1980 – 1990 Sirákov was administrated by the MNV (Local National Committee) Nížkov.

In 1846 there was born important Czech meteorologist František Augustin.

The volunteer fire department was established in 1906 and it resides in the local fire station.

The school was reconstructed into the culture house in 1987.

According to the census in 1921, there lived 351 residents in 56 houses. In those days 175 women lived in Sirákov. 350 inhabitants reported Czech nationality and 1 inhabitant reported German nationality. 349 Roman Catholics lived here.